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Tiddles785·TheLeafExpress·407d3 reviews

Space Romulan Cookies - The Leaf Express - June 2021

Right as I unsealed the bag I could smell it. When I opened the bag I was happy to find mostly large to medium sized nugs. A few smaller nugs. Nice cure with a good trim, buds are compact and covered in trichs.

Nose on it is fruity, sweet and citrus with pine undertones. Very delicious s...

Peanut Butter Breath - The Leaf Express - June 2021

I’ve tried a few different breath variations and this has so far been my favourite. For bag appeal this definitely passes with flying colours for an AAA, huge dense nugs that grind like a dream with texture and the right amount of fluffiness.

The aroma is an earthy, nutty herbal scent...
wallbangu·TheLeafExpress·412d322 reviews

El Jefe [] 15/06/2021

El jefe Abusive OG  x Rare Dankness #1

This one came in as 3 smaller but super dense buds. Coated in shinny heads with a crqazy packed interior heads on heads a couple squished. Felt nice and sticky once broken appart.

Smell was pungent and gassy strongest of the bunch. Gas...
wallbangu·TheLeafExpress·412d322 reviews

Tom Ford Island Pink [] 15/06/2021

This one i didnt indulge much burned really dark. Just taught id share the pics ahah Nose was nice tho super gassy kind of a tease compare to the raspy smoke.
wallbangu·TheLeafExpress·412d322 reviews

Pink Og [] 21/06/2021

Pink OG

Medium to small sized buds tight and dense a arrow tip pointy shape. Lots of milky heads. A good trim too. It felt well cured like most strain this round light stickyness inside and snappy exterior 

Pinky nose with a gassy  backend. Tasted nice a bit sharp spicy but...
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