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August 2, 2023


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Dixyplayer·TheGreenAce·260d16 reviews
Compared to my last strain this one is way more airy and there are cracklilng sound as I press onto it. Small olive green nugs with a bit of purple depending on the nugs since not all of them are the same. I have rolled a couple of joints it's a bit harsh I cough a bit but wasn't much. Poten...
Dixyplayer·HerbApproach·359d16 reviews
I feel like I got a jackpot when buying this strain. Most of them are big but this one single nug is just HUGE and caked. Already grinded and rolled and it's smooth like butter! It's just earthy with probably a bit of vanilla in it but the potency slap on this one. It's hybrid but with a...
Dixyplayer·HerbApproach·359d16 reviews
This strain looks really good especially the one that's darker in colour. It's easily AAA+ on this one just for the look alone. The flavour isn't sweet like candy or berries but more like fruit (mango or citrus to be exact. Potency range from moderate to high but it's the smoke and t...
Dixyplayer·Kush Buddy·405d16 reviews
This is me forcing myself to use my gift points with minimal purchase possible so I had to make do with what I had. The quality is as the same as the Pink Rockstar which is them scrapping the barrel so I'm glad this is going to be my last purchase. Even if they rebrand it's probably going to...
Dixyplayer·Kush Buddy·405d16 reviews
I had some points left over from another order they had to fix. Heard that they are rebranding I wanted to use the rest of it just incase the point couldn't transfer over and dealing with their customer service. I hope they do well but seems kind of shady with all the rebrand but I can understan...
Dixyplayer·TheGreenAce·534d16 reviews
Was expecting bigger buds for quads and they really should double check the guy doing the whole trimming process since this is absolutely not AAAA. Smell kunky and slightly fruit like sweet. If you left the leaf out you can still have a good smoke. Not the best death bubba but it's still potent ...
Dixyplayer·TheGreenAce·534d16 reviews
First time trying this strain. Should be considered AA really since this just can't past into AAA- territory. Buds look average, maybe because I'm picky since it's listed a AAA but the leaf is really off putting for me. It seems to have a nutty/peanut-buttery smell and taste. Smoke is al...
Dixyplayer·HerbApproach·569d16 reviews
That's a King size rollie for scale. Love this strain. This was super fruity and so fresh. The floral notes from this taste so rich. It felt like after sitting in a mason jar for a couple days the smell has gotten stronger, burping to get a whiff. The calming effects really reduce my anxiety and...
Dixyplayer·HerbApproach·569d16 reviews
Very high THC content. I get kind of paranoid when smoking but if I use less that effect is not as overwhelming. I don't like the paranoid effect but I think that means this strain is pretty potent. I could eat CBD gummies to calm it down but I think I find smoking less helps to get at a good le...
Dixyplayer·Kush Buddy·637d16 reviews
I was hoping to get a bag that was caked to the brim like other peoples posts. This is less than that but still ok. Super terpy instead of crystally. I think this was very decent but nothing to rave about. I think I could find a better strain elsewhere for the price
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