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auglitumo0·TheGreenAce·16d2 reviews

The Blue Papaya - The Green Ace - July 2022

THC % 20-25
Ordered July 2022
$200 for 28g (before discounts)

crazy smells from this bud. Not sticky but super fragrant of oranges and papaya. Tropical fruit smells with a undertone of of something like spicy pungent garlic. This is a strain will calm my nerves.

Dixyplayer·TheGreenAce·35d7 reviews

Lemon Sour Diesel - The Green Ace - July 2022

Was not epecting quality of these buds. These were really high quality and was expecting more green. This bud is quite kiefy and definitely hits hard every rip. This one is a good one to collect kief and I really believe this is a unicorn for something of this price ($90)
Asvpxdilli·TheGreenAce·54d4 reviews

Pink Kush - The Green Ace - June 2022

Pink Kush AAA+ Took a chance and spent a little more. This was tooo good of a deal to pass up. 28g for $80 and this really knocks it outta the park for that price. This is not the usual bud structure i see from pink kushes but this is well appreciated as it gives such a nice sedating effect. For ha...
Dixyplayer·TheGreenAce·79d7 reviews

Gorilla Bomb - The Green Ace - May 2022

This bud tends to lean more on the earthy robust side. The flavours are far from muted and and you get a good hint of that diesel gassy scent. Bigger buds than expected. IME this strain helps me stay focused and reduce the intensity of some of the pain I get in my leg when sitting down for long peri...
Next-Cell·TheGreenAce·376d349 reviews

Peyote Purple by Green Samurai - The Green Ace - July 27 - Incentivized

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