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November 9, 2022


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·19d6 reviews
THC % 21-23
Ordered Starting November 2022
$65 for 28g (before discounts)
Very sweet bubba that has a really nice full body smoke. Effects are felt almost instantly as this is no creeper. Really suprised to find this quality for less than 65 an oz. I can savour this one and use it as ...
Trending #9
·23d6 reviews
THC % 20-22
Ordered Starting November 2022
$ 180 for 1/4 LB (before discounts)

Cheapest highest quality QP I've seen. bought enough to last me until Christmas. Not bad at all for the size buds that came with. The pink gives the Rockstar a very numbing chill ...
auglitumo0·KushStation·65d6 reviews
THC % 15-22
Ordered September 2022
$ 120 for 28g (before discounts)

Strong and gassy aroma that's going to linger for a while. It got everything you expect from a night time strain: It got the earthy smell, the gassy flavor, the very smooth but potent hit that will knock y...
auglitumo0·KushStation·76d6 reviews
THC % 18
Ordered September 2022
$ 150 for 28g (before discounts)

The bag has a lovely lemon-cookie aroma that ends with a floral taste, though it's not overbearing. Not a particularly strong thc high, but it transitions well to terps. Easy-going cannabis that doesn't h...
auglitumo0·TheGreenAce·128d6 reviews
THC % 20-25
Ordered July 2022
$200 for 28g (before discounts)

crazy smells from this bud. Not sticky but super fragrant of oranges and papaya. Tropical fruit smells with a undertone of of something like spicy pungent garlic. This is a strain will calm my nerves.

THC % Unknown

Ordered May 2021

$160 for 28g (before discounts)

Weight was over nearly a half gram, always nice to see that fwiw. A few bigger nugs, but mostly a lot of smaller guys. Smell out the bag isn't super pungent, but it's a nice earthy/nutty undertone...
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