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April 23, 2022


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Suga King from onlygas. Sweet sugary smell with maybe a hint of grape. Nice clean smoke with a greasy ring. This stuff is dank for the price. Nice Indica leaning high.
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Grabbed some Smintz from OnlyGas, and It's a winner. Smells like a minty dessert, has a nice moisture level and great bag appeal. Nice and potent, I would keep this for night time. Nice white/grey ash, smooth, and tastes just like it smells.
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Bubba Skunk from hga is pretty damn nice for the price, it's not going
to couch lock seasoned smokers, but it's great for the daytime for me.
Nice clean white/light grey ash, has a nice bubba taste, and isn't harsh
on the throat. I was gonna cop some more, but it looks li...
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