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May 23, 2022


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Odd-Assumption·Bud Empire·498d60 reviews
Beautiful flower large crystal coated nicely trimmed nug. Potent much desired strain will knock you out for sleep. Clean mild vanilla nutty lemon scent and terps. Good value with 20% off coupons and seperately mids also listed on offer for $100 oz to bulk, consistent highly rated strain on site. Def...
Odd-Assumption·Bud Empire·498d60 reviews
A fav this time: dreamy chill indica, sweet taste left on lips, terps smell grape cream cherry cake, tastes gassy grape cream cookies. Coated crystal medium sized nugs given for sample, taste delicious grapey gas greamy sweet and leaves a pleasent sugary sweet taste on your lips. For migraine, insom...
Odd-Assumption·PacificGrass·552d60 reviews
Got a couple sauce vape cartridges and wedding cake shatter which was as expected. I order several times it has that cherry mints terps, pliable which I prefer texture. Enigma is known brand for quality extracts.

The carts I got were wedding cake cross, jet cake which I beleive has bluebe...
Odd-Assumption·Bud Empire·613d60 reviews
At 1-2 peices a dose 12 to 24 potent doses I love these bars. 1 10 mg piece had a comfortable body sensation added to rosin vape session after dinner, supported getting a lot of busy tasks done if you have pain. Shared with a female family member who also really enjoyed the chocolate quality.
Odd-Assumption·Bud Empire·614d60 reviews
One of my favorite items in my order given to sample for review. Creeping sedation, indica. Another ballpark quad, sweet taste interesting sweet finish, smells of bubba: relaxing for stress or before bed body relaxation, dry mouth, droopy eyes hard to stay alert, and had amazing dream, certainly pot...
Odd-Assumption·Bud Empire·614d60 reviews
Heavy on the Tahoe Og taste at first, medicinal but with the cross not as much burnout. Smells grapey after the hashy og then comes a grapey fruit roll up then almost fruity pebbles taste. Can be hard to find genetics for muscle spasms, and works well for fibro with the cherries cut. Agree with all ...
Odd-Assumption·Bud Empire·614d60 reviews
Not as much of a nose on her, but I enjoyed the taste and the high. sour orange sweetfruit almost mint herbal finish taste to it, Potent, agree with rating to AAA+/AAAA- great value $125 oz, well trimmed. Calming effect but also in another manner scattered high with a bit of energy to it for day. Sa...
Odd-Assumption·Bud Empire·615d60 reviews
Great in a vaporizer taste awesome, clean with a kick: potent not usually seen in smalls but that's pinks so a definate fantastic price budget buy I would recommend and agree with grading AAA at least crystal coated nice terps. good for pain and only $70 list price for OZ. If it wasn't small...
Odd-Assumption·Bud Empire·615d60 reviews
Strong Lemon lime Pine cleaner terps, taste was yummy like lemon lime lifesaver candy. Super clean as its organic can earn higher rating at fair price point 180 oz. Got one big hard crystal coated nug. Suspect hybrid uplifted high relaxed muscles to a face melting frontal head high to positive minds...
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