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May 3, 2023


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Oriixa·OnlyGas·152d4 reviews
disgusting ? these mfs banned me for telling one of their new customers that they have mold problems / sell shitty mids
Oriixa·QuadCo·236d4 reviews
For me this was a great drop $325 for the half pound The smell on this is similar to MAC but a little sweeter. I would definitely buy this again
Oriixa·WeedPrime·887d4 reviews
Part two of my order from Weed prime. Very happy with this ounce for sure. The nose on this one is a little muted but smells of a sour citrus candy the high is a bit of a creeper but once it sets in is a very nice indica to end the night with this is my first order from a MOM in years but it is my ...
Oriixa·WeedPrime·887d4 reviews
First Order in years from a MOM picked this on sale for $89 an Ounce. The noise on this is very strong, super pungent nutty smell going on. Super dense buds lots of orange hairs but not much for trichomes looks like pgrs to me. The high is pretty instant and not bad despite the low trichome produc...
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