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January 21, 2023


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Stonerscotian1·OneTwoTreez·1105d93 reviews
Appeal: Has a magnificent snowy teal green color with some purpling on the buds, being heavier on some. Buds were on mainly the smaller size.

Density: Being rock hard, with very little spongeyness on touch.

Smell: Has a sweet earthy dessert cookie aroma with slight hints of a ...
Stonerscotian1·OrderBudOnline·1109d93 reviews
Coming in smaller nugs, with great trichome coverage. The buds are semi dense and have quite noticeable purple hues. The trim job is okay, with quite a bit of unneeded leaf. Cured just alright being slightly on the dryer side. Has a real nice kushy sweet berry grape earthy aroma.

Stonerscotian1·TheHighClub·1125d93 reviews
These stunning uber milky purple green buds are just absolutely caked right out in a heavy layer of gleaming trichomes. Trimmed expectionally well seeming hand trimmed. Has a pretty well perfect cure as well. The buds are real tight being pretty well rock hard. Buds were ranging in size of medium to...
Stonerscotian1·TFCannabis·1134d93 reviews
This knockout of a bud has a loud gassy foral aroma. The rather large bud was sticky, dense and just caked out glistening with milky trichomes. There was nice purple hues. Had a awesome trim job and the cure was superb.

They was a dank gassy foral taste you would expext from a pink. When ...
Stonerscotian1·CAMMP·1149d93 reviews
Cracking my jar I got a pleasant stank of gassy foral earthyness. The buds had a darker forest green coloring, with a nice bit of glistening trichomes. The buds were of medium to large size and had a dense density to them, with the medium sized buds being a bit more spongy. Trimmed decently, with a ...
Stonerscotian1·BuyWeedPacks·1150d93 reviews
Orange Crush has a loud citrus orange aroma. This flower has a nice caking of trichomes and has a lighter green coloring with a slight bit of purple to these small to medium size nugs. The density is of a semi denseness, with a nice spongeyness. Trimmed very well, my fingers were left crystally upon...
Stonerscotian1·BuyWeedPacks·1151d93 reviews
These gorgeous buds have a milky forest green with purple coloring. Having a small to medium size, with a pretty dense structure with a nice bit of spongeyness. Trimmed pretty well, only having a bit of leaf. The aroma is of pungent earth and there is hints of gas and citrus.

Upon smokin...
Stonerscotian1·CAMMP·1154d93 reviews
Upon cracking the jar I got a nice whiff of sweet blueberry grapeness. Trimmed alright with just a bit of excess leaf. The buds have a small to medium size. The buds have a semi density to them, while the larger buds being more dense.

When smoked in a joint I tasted sweet musky fruitynes...
Stonerscotian1·CAMMP·1159d93 reviews
Upon cracking the jar I smelt a strong fruity creamy muskyness, with hints of spicyness being cinnamon like. These crystal laden purple buds are semi dense and mainly small sized, with a few medium sized nugs. Trimmed decently, with only a bit of leaf and is cured just alright.

Upon smok...
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