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July 19, 2021


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This budget buds strain is called Snow Lotus. First upon opening the bag I was immediately met from a super pungent earthy and citrus smell. I absolutely love this strain. It kicked me in the butt and provided me with a much needed sleep. I woke up feeling less pain from sleeping through the night. ...
Love Triangle is a budget friendly priced strain. There are many price points to choose from and I appreciate being able to find something at a price I can afford. The strain smokes very smoothly and smells quite amazing. I find it to be a very balanced high without knocking you out too much and sti...
Bulkweed Inbox BWIB 10/10 smpkes very smooth and also great to make into cannabis oil for pain. I have chronic pain and I am happy with how it handles it. The quality was up to standard for the price. This company offer budget pricing and higher grades for those who can afford to splurge. Many prod...
TheOnlyQueenBee·BoxedBuds·491d11 reviews
I am in love with Love Potion. Many Sativas cause me to have bad anxiety but this strain doesn't do that to me. I am pleasantly surprised and glad I ended up grabbing more. Now I have a nice sativa for during the day.
TheOnlyQueenBee·BoxedBuds·547d11 reviews
I am very excited about this strain. It smells absolutely amazing and it's obvious how beautiful it looks. The buds are dense and it smokes so damn good. I was having a huge pain I'm my arms and it has helped tremendously.
TheOnlyQueenBee·BoxedBuds·556d11 reviews
It's been years since I tried a sativa. I used to have issues smoking sativa as it gave me anxiety but this was an amazing choice to try it again. It tasted amazing, it burned really nice and the feeling its giving me is wonderful. If you zoom in you can see how beautiful this bud is. I love it....
TheOnlyQueenBee·BoxedBuds·574d11 reviews
I am very happy with this strain. It's so beautiful. It smells amazing and it smokes very nicely. I have also made some cannabis oil from it and that turned out great as well.
TheOnlyQueenBee·BoxedBuds·587d11 reviews
Bubble Gum Kush is an indica strain. It gives me a relaxed and couch lock feel. Great for chilling on the couch and managing intense pain from auto immune. Used this mostly after surgery. Its helping me mentally get through.
TheOnlyQueenBee·BoxedBuds·672d11 reviews
My goodness! It looks so sweet and delicious and it really is. This is an indica strain and it's easy to see why it's been so popular. I convinced a few of my friends to order some as well and now we're all happy we did.
TheOnlyQueenBee·BoxedBuds·687d11 reviews
Sweet tooth is not only looks amazing it's tastes sooooo amazing. The buds are a good size and I am nothing but happy with this strain.
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