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August 27, 2019


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TryTheBeal·GhostDrops·1566d6 reviews
No doubt, some of the best bag appeal
TryTheBeal·GhostDrops·1594d6 reviews
Which one of u lucky fucks got FCF
TryTheBeal·GhostDrops·1598d6 reviews
This is from fringedwellars. Got into it yday, not sure how I feel about it. Might be better for daytime. Will give it another go after work
TryTheBeal·GhostDrops·1599d6 reviews
Not super impressed about initial looks. Not much ghost drops can do as it got all over the place in transit. What do you guys do when you order concentrates. Had to scrape off all the sauce from the lid . I would have to say it’s a weird container for 1g. Too big I think

Smokes great tho
TryTheBeal·Cannabisvapes·1616d6 reviews
Is boats paying you? Sure feels like it
TryTheBeal·GhostDrops·1621d6 reviews
Can say it was top. Some of the prettiest bud I’ve seen. Also quite potent, definitely not just all show and strong for a hybrid. Was pleasantly surprised
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