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March 11, 2019


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WeedSmeller585·KronicKush·2000d32 reviews
Bit fluffy but still full of crystal. Not too dry and burns nice and smooth. A solid hybrid bud. Smells nice too , kinda flowery.
WeedSmeller585·KronicKush·2000d32 reviews
So dense its like rocks, with a pungent smell to match. This super sticky strain is quickly becoming one of my favorites for its heavy indica high.
WeedSmeller585·KronicKush·2199d32 reviews
They sent me this a while ago but Ive been busy to pick up my flex delivery. So far I’ve only tried the Lemon Haze and I gotta say its pretty nice. Citrusy smell, nice potent high, well worth its price. As for the rest of the strains they all look really nice, especially the bubba. My sense of sme...
WeedSmeller585·GrassChief·2210d32 reviews
Suuuuuuuuper sticky. Has a strong, sweet smell, kinda minty to me. Also came in huge nugs, probably the least nugs ive ever received in an ounce. Some nugs are better trimmed than others, but overall very impressed. Smokes clean, nice potent high. Very strong option for 160
WeedSmeller585·GrassChief·2211d32 reviews
Havent posted samples in a while but 4g is pretty significant. This stuff has a nice sweet gassy smell to it and is well covered in crystals. Id compare this to their pink kush, with a slightly better trim. Very nice stuff aaa easily. This free sample came as their promotion for spending over $200.
WeedSmeller585·GrassChief·2214d32 reviews
Pretty good budget weed. Good sweet kush smell and nice high. Bit scraggly but still pretty strong. Lots of small nugs but there were some decent ones in there too. Bought 2oz and it came with some cheetos and a choco pie as well as 4g Chemo sample and some papers. Overall a great purchase. I did, h...
The SMELL on this one is insane. When I opened the box up the smell of cheese was just overpowering. Buds are pretty fluffy but sticky, seems pretty strong but I havent smoked it too much yet to form a solid opinion. From what I gathered from reddit, the blue cheese shouldve been much stronger than ...
5.8g nug!!!!!! People were saying the quality on this one was weak but it looks pretty nice to me. Maybe after I smoke it more I’ll have a clearer opinion. The buds are nice and fresh, not too dry and has a nice sweet smell to it. Some nice big nugs in there!! Maybe not a quad still but im not the...
WeedSmeller585·TheChrono·2256d32 reviews
Nice medium nugs, but theres a bit of a hay smell. Personally I dont mind and it is pretty strong so who cares. Decent value but I bought it at the same time as the TahoeOG and that was probably the same potency but 10bucks cheaper
WeedSmeller585·TheChrono·2256d32 reviews
Small nugs but very frosty. Decent smell too and smokes good, white ash, gets me pretty high. Great value for 110
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