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April 4, 2021


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just1doper·WeedSmart·710d59 reviews
Red Congo X Cherry Punch, such a nice dank sativa that is super potent and tasty in the most unique way A true must try if there ever was one! Legit small amount of leaf but the taste is amazing and a one off tbh ? this strain and batch! ✊? & much love ❤️ !
just1doper·WeedSmart·714d59 reviews
Gotta give this stuff some credit, some of the nicest most unique tasting and smelling indica strains I’ve smoked, I’ve had it several times and always enjoy smoking it aside the usual gassy indica favs.
just1doper·WeedSmart·736d59 reviews
Loving this stuff super potent super dank, sticky burns white and super strong love the high from it but of an edgy motivated type of buzz. Makes me wanna keep on keeping on lol, with a bit of a mild relaxation added in it’s in the middle of sativa or indica with a nice mellow buzz but enough of a...
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