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December 5, 2023


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kobakip·Cannabismo·5d13 reviews
Nugs: Mostly medium nugs which are quite standard looking however the larger ones in the bag retain much better moisture and are quite sticky.

Terp: Light herbal scent and the taste can be somewhat similar to baked cookies.

Effects: Hybrid that leans toward indica. There&#...
kobakip·Cannabismo·6d13 reviews
Nugs: Mixed bag of medium to large nugs. The main color is sage green with light amber hair all around.

Terps: Caryophyllene terp so it has a peppery spicy kush aroma.

Effects: Good potency and surprisingly heady strain. It kept me really focused.

Value: Very ...
kobakip·Cannabismo·63d13 reviews
Nugs: A mix of sizes but mostly medium. The main colours are mostly deep purple with amber coating.

Terps: Limonene terp so it's very flavourful with citrus notes. There's also a strong stinky aroma of skunky with you grind them up too.

Effects: Tingling sense that...
kobakip·TheCannaSociety·111d13 reviews
Nugs: Dense medium nugs that are very well trimmed with a good coverage of trichomes.

Terps: Nutty and dank. There's also a bit of pine too but it can be easily missed.

Effects: Very balanced effects you can use it anytime of the day. Smoked it in the morning and it w...
kobakip·TheCannaSociety·118d13 reviews
Nugs: Dense and nicely trimmed. It is a bit dusty and covered with trichomes.

Terps: It's surprisingly nutty and there's a bit of skunk to it too.

Effects: Not quite long lasting but it set a nice chill. There a balanced effects of both indica and sativa.
kobakip·Cannabismo·178d13 reviews
Nugs: They trimmed this one to excellence while keeping all the beauty on this nugs. Nugs are long and huge in their beautiful dark color and frost.

Terps: This one is fresh and terpy. There's a bit of skunky cheese that caught me offguard since it's masked with a cherry aroma....
kobakip·Cannabismo·178d13 reviews
Nugs: The majority of them are medium nugs with some smaller one however all of them are dense and caked. They trimmed those nugs quite well.

Terps: Incredibly dank aroma and it only get more gassy as I smoke it.

Effects: Not too overwhelming potent however it's quite ...
kobakip·KushStation·271d13 reviews
Nugs: It can be a bit leafy but once it's trimmed to bud looks beautiful with so many vibrant colour.

Terps: Nutty and creamy like caramel. I would say it's solid overall.

Effects: Full body buzz and get me couch locked for a while. The effects can last to the day ...
kobakip·Cannabismo·334d13 reviews
Nugs: Average sizes with some large one tossed in. Green nugs and not very hairy but the hairs are deep orange with a small tint of purple making it quite impressive.

Terps: Still retain some terp and they can be quite spicy/herbal when you smoke.

Effects: Good buzz with ...
kobakip·Cannabismo·335d13 reviews
Nugs: Really decent and I'm happy about it.

Terps: Overall it has a woody-cheese type profiles that's similar to cheddar. When you first open the it actually have some sort of cheese funky smell to it.

Effects: Overall the effects were at a high note. It make me feel re...
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