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September 8, 2022


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lostsoulz289·HighGradeAid·93d50 reviews
I got a qp split between The Pink Garden: Death Penalty and The Pink Garden: Death Master .

Immediately upon opening, I am smacked in the face with the dank dank dank smell of Death Penalty... it immediately stunk up my house. The cure seems extremely well done, as the flower is sticky a...
lostsoulz289·HighGradeAid·190d50 reviews
I was really looking forward to the Quattro Kush, but it looks, smells and tastes EXACTLY like the pre98 Bubba. The only differences are: the Quattro kush grower edition has a much worse trim job (it is severely overtrimmed) and the flower is dryer than the pre98. On the plus side, the nugs are bigg...
lostsoulz289·HighGradeAid·198d50 reviews
Danks Danks Danks. Heavy gas smell as soon as I unseal it. The kind that stinks up the whole house, and lingers. Absolutely caked with trichomes. Dense nugs, with varying sizes, mostly 1g-2g nugs but I got a fattt 5.77g nug. There are some absolutely beautiful flowers here, so many trichomes it make...
lostsoulz289·HighGradeAid·255d50 reviews
Woulda been nice to see more then 1 nug lol
lostsoulz289·HighGradeAid·320d50 reviews
Another King Bubba x Bluefin Tuna post from HGA :)

This flower has some loudness to it though it is somewhat short-lived (I will explain below). There is quite a bit of potential to this flower. It looks good, maybe great to some people. The medium nugs are much more impressive looking t...
lostsoulz289·HighGradeAid·548d50 reviews
It has been a minute since ordering from HGA so when I saw 40% off, I had to order it. I am so glad that I did.

First off, this stuff was the stickiest flower I have received in a LOONNNNNGGGGGGG time. Sticky icky icky oooooooowweeeeeeee... ”put it in the air!” Some buds are wayyyyy s...
lostsoulz289·MonkeyBudz·578d50 reviews
I have many pictures where the leaves are purple/blue/black/brown/red/yellow/ but mostly green... some absolutely burned, some look mouldy, some look normal...

I understand how plants can change colour due to temperature, but when looking at the purple leaves, I noticed some looked ”lig...
lostsoulz289·MonkeyBudz·578d50 reviews
Received a half quarter of mendo breath. It was just covered in white hair, cracking open a nug shows how bad it is...

The Falcon 9 that I ordered was also mouldy...

Thankfully I got my money back...

But they have forever lost me as a client as I will never be order...
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