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December 21, 2019


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pirob0·KronicKush·1381d4 reviews
82 dollars for a budget bud aint bad at all came with delivery and they threw in some firechews on the house !! they are a go to mom and resolve any issue dont hesitate to get a GTA delivery to your door
pirob0·KronicKush·1649d4 reviews
Proper bag for the low you can’t complain this here like 72/oz with delivery too that unreal !! Gotta love Chronickushco for that GTA delivery service !!
pirob0·KronicKush·1654d4 reviews
Had these just now different flavour which was nice individually and order another batch of that lemon Kush that proper bag for the low low
pirob0·KronicKush·1658d4 reviews
82 dollars is a decent price for this bud nugs are nice size
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