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October 31, 2021


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somefuckwho·HighGradeAid·960d22 reviews
Bought this thinking it would be the consistent gassy triple a's that are floating around EVERYWHERE. Well slightly disappointed

Nose; vapedweed smell , musty , hay , barn like, a light kush under tone

Taste: quite harsh, no flavour. Not what I was expecting

somefuckwho·EliteCannabis·971d22 reviews
Elite Cannabis

So Elite reached out to a select few here on Reddit, for some honest reviews for a sample pack.. I figured hey why not, as people recognise the unique name I have .Pack got shipped out on Friday, Arrived Tuesday. Very pleased with turn around time

somefuckwho·JerCanna·977d22 reviews
Jercannabis, reviews in Captions. Great to deal with
@ Jercanna6, jercanna7, jercanna8

Im a graphic designer, and the incentive behind this post, was a token of appreciation for the work I did for them. I VOLUNTEERED the review.

Thanks !. All honest. No silly shilly here...
somefuckwho·HighGradeAid·1113d22 reviews
Enigma Cart

First time trying enigma brand products, I went with Zombie and Panic Attack. From HighGradeAid

Packaging, Just simple tube, logo slapped on nothing special, nothing to complain about either

Functionality : They say you NEED a Yocan Uni for it, but I test...
somefuckwho·HighGradeAid·1168d22 reviews

Another Solid Triple A +, Low Quad

Bag Appeal : Great bag appeal, dark purple leaves/bits, highlighted with the firey orange hairs. Nice cake-age/crystal coverage

Taste : Good Kush taste, earthy, slightly coffee-ish. Almost like a pink, but different. Hard to pu...
somefuckwho·HighGradeAid·1170d22 reviews
HGA, PInk Delight

Not the best bag appeal, but can tell its decent quality pink kush.
Nose: Solid pink kush nose, with that sweet floral skunky nose to it.

Looks, Mildly leafy nugs, not the densest flower Ive smoked, but not fluffy. Doesnt look like poop, but certainly not...
somefuckwho·HighGradeAid·1170d22 reviews

Taste: Kushy, flavour/bud like. Gassy/sweet kushy taste. with the nice kick in the chest .

Effect: All these strains have been true to the name, all effective, Ive tried Violator, Stardog,Deathbubba, Chemo. Very similar to dabbing, hit it to hot and...
somefuckwho·HighGradeAid·1183d22 reviews
Bare with the Picture, Dont have a phone nor camera ( I borrow a family members here and there)

Anyway Milkway Extracts Diamond Carts - Violator

Look: very very clear and bright, like distiliate. could almost fool you if it wasnt marked

Potency : This is where it sh...
somefuckwho·HighGradeAid·1196d22 reviews
Raging Donkey

Bag appeal, offff the. Charts. Like its powdered in powdered sugar. Little bit dry and crispy, but not crumby-dry

Taste/smell: Smell translates to the taste well. Meaty, skunky, tuna-y.

Potency: This is why I can see its a triple a. No knock out, but g...
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