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Mostly all organic, small farmer/producers who have been growing and cultivating cannabis for over 20 years. We have amazing sugar-free vegan edibles as well.
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Thechronickid00·BoomerBudClub·1126d130 reviews

Boomer Bud Club Review - July 2019

**MoM/Retailer Name**



Based out of beautiful BC and shipped to Ontario in 3 days. Everything was vacuum sealed and smell proof within a protective box to avoid the goods getting crushed.

**Organic Durban Poison**
thechronickid_00·BoomerBudClub·1129d1236 reviews

Pineapple Purps Organic Rosin - BoomerBudClub - July 2019

There are only a handful of strains that have the THCV cannabinoid profile and this is one of them. (a compound known to block panic attacks, reduce Parkinson’s tremors, and suppress the appetite)

A cross between a great hybrid, pineapple express, and the legendary Mendocino Purps and it...
thechronickid_00·BoomerBudClub·1130d1236 reviews

Jack Skellington Organic Rosin - BoomerBudClub - July 2019

Had this strain one other time in flower form and now trying it as an organic rosin. It’s a cross of Jack the Ripper and Killer Queen which makes for a sativa dominant high and effects. I would describe it as a very mood enhancing buzz and a good picker upper and one of those highs that encourage ...
thechronickid_00·BoomerBudClub·1130d1236 reviews

Organic Durban Poison - BoomerBudClub - July 2019

I’ve only tried this 1 strain and a couple different live resins but so far everything has been well received. So far so good and I’ll be leaving some reviews tomorrow
deadmoney·BoomerBudClub·1139d19 reviews

Boomer Bud Club - June 2019 - Deadmoney Review

Boomer Bud Club

New MOM based out of BC. Selling high quality Organic Flower, edibles and concentrates. All their products are 3rd party lab tested. With over 60 years experience, they control everthing from growing to finished product, no middlemen.

Overall rating out of 10: 8.5...


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