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Thechronickid00·BudLab·732d130 reviews

Bud Lab Review - July 2020

MoM : Bud Lab

Shipped from BC and made it to Ontario in 3 standard business days. Safely packaged with the products within vacuum sealed, concealing any odours.

Great bag appeal on this Mimosa, w...
thechronickid_00·BudLab·737d1236 reviews

OG Pink - Bud Lab - July 2020

OG Pink. AKA how most of us know this strain : Pink kush. Dense and sticky forest green nugs with hints of purple colouring throughout. Very visibly greasy as well, showcasing a slick layer of resinous trichs, accompanied by wild, bright orange hairs. Not the prettiest of trims but it’s mainly all...
thechronickid_00·BudLab·737d1236 reviews

Mimosa - Bud Lab - July 2020

Great bag appeal on this Mimosa, with soft, yet firm buds that are made up of dark greens and purples. Coated in greasy trichomes, giving them a lighter appearance and leaves the fingers sticky to the touch. Also numerous amounts of thin, copper orange hairs. Overall a decent trim with some extra su...
Ashah074·BudLab·1512d2 reviews 1st order review

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Overall rating out of 10: 8

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Ordering & Pricing:$95/oz + $15 shipping

Communication: 10/10 always available and prompt replies.

Packaging: good packaging with a nice thank you card + gift

Products / Photos:https://mail.go...
bblzd·BudLab·1641d33 reviews

Godfather OG from - January

Said to be The Don of OG Kush strains, it had a woody pine scent initially but not the strongest. Jar time with a boveda improved that but it’s not until grinding that the buds release their full peppery spicy notes on top of a roasting coffee, OG-like nose.

The spice and kush flavour is ...
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