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cannadatrees·CannaCoastal·771d196 reviews

Alien OG - cannacoastal - Jun/20

Some extra stem for sure, but at $85/oz I can’t complain. Good cure, smaller-medium buds, not sticky to the couch but you could squish the buds together and they’d stick. Not a bad hybrid smoke, good for lazing around the house. I see people looking for decent cheaper stuff, cannacoastal definit...
Stonerscotian·CannaCoastal·814d355 reviews

Pink Bubba - Canna Coastal - May 2020

Smooth asf, a real nice pink


Value - 8.75

Quality 8.75
Odd-Assumption·CannaCoastal·815d60 reviews

Ice Wreck/CannaCoastal/MAY20

This was another AAAA+ rated $170 ounce

It was good all around, interesting fuel mint taste, balanced 50/50 but there is definately that trainwreck side to it of paranoia but its high also did not last long, paradoxically was a creeper. Minty aftertaste. Was nice to try an ice strain, perso...
Odd-Assumption·CannaCoastal·816d60 reviews

Slurricane/Canna Coastal/MAY20

cannacoastal sent me 3 eigths ....within the hour **I had sent $20 to cover the cost of sending some samples**, their site is .io Came within 2 to 3 days, quick service. I had hit them up out of boredom, curious about the nice new MOM first time promos. Other than that there is no incentive for me t...
NewSolution4·CannaCoastal·862d7 reviews

Pink Island Kush// CannaCoastal// Early March

Quality 7/10 Value 8/10. Honestly I Was surprised at the quality for the tag for this. 100$/OZ Promo. Not a typical kush taste but was definitely nice! Not a heavy indica I found.
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