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jesaispas666·ChronicPost·531d105 reviews

Céréales bar 200mg dreamy edible /Chronicpost/april

Fruit loops and marshmallow cereal bar covered with white chocolate and vanilla icing. The product is packaged very well, the bar is in plastic wrap and it is tightly packaged to keep its freshness. Really delicious, The taste of the weed is very well concealed, I didn't taste anything at all. I...
jesaispas666·ChronicPost·531d105 reviews

Jelly worms 200mg /Chronicpost/april

The appearance and the taste are identical to the jujubes which one can find at the depaneur. Easy to chew, does not have a chewy consistency. The taste of grass is present at the end of the mouth.
jesaispas666·ChronicPost·532d105 reviews

Gummy 1250 mg ganja edible/Chronicpost/April

The candy is the size of a $ 1 coin. Easy to chew, a little grassy taste when served, but it goes well because it does not stay in the mouth for hours. I found this pretty powerful little candy. And the first effects are felt quickly
jesaispas666·ChronicPost·533d105 reviews

Rockstar kush/Chronicpost/april

The buds are medium in size. Compact. Frosted. But very dry.

Pine smell

The taste earthy and herbaceous and tart Nice burning ash salt and pepper. Gentle on the throat.
Cryptodino007·ChronicPost·554d22 reviews

Crystal pink-Chronic post-March 2021

Apperance: Small well trimmed buds with nice green and orange color

Smell: It has an earthy and sweet smell with a feel of nature

Taste:Nice sweet flavors complementing the smell

Effects: Not too strong , classic wake and bake strain
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