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WeedSmeller585·ChronicStore·1825d32 reviews

Chronic Store Purple Candy 105/oz

Pretty good stuff, aptly rated aa-aaa this stuff is decently strong but comes will a lot of shake and small nugs. Its a bit dry (what can you expect at this price), burns ok, but ash is grey. Well worth the price.
WeedSmeller585·ChronicStore·1829d32 reviews

Firerock Extracts Purple Afghani ($30/g +5%tax from Chronic Store)

This is the first time I’ve ever bought shatter and I dont even have a dab rig yet so I can’t exactly comment on the quality but it looks nice. Thinking of trying it in an arizer solo until the rig arrives in another week or 2 from dhgate.
RaNdMViLnCE·ChronicStore·1863d120 reviews

RedCongo by Phyto - Chronicstore - 30$- Aug 26th - chronicstore packaging pictured.

This Red Congo is pretty nice, decent buzz and taste is smooth. One of the Nicer Phyto I have received.

Don’t know how it stands up to actual red Congo though.

Also got Wolf brand Cheese shatter for 25$. It was dark as fuck, looked and smelled like trim run and was sticky as all ...
RaNdMViLnCE·ChronicStore·1864d120 reviews

Green Crack - Chronicstore - 105/oz 120 delivered

Order received sucsessfully, it was really dried out, but it packs an ok buzz. Smell is decent but is all really tiny popcorn buds, no nice big pieces.
I’ll smoke it all, would probably try somethis else next time though.
Had a few sample buds of oG18 and a pink Kush that were pretty nice...
FourCuteKittens·ChronicStore·1869d2 reviews

Ghost train haze - chronicstore - $100/oz - August 22

Sorry yeah I got the price wrong.
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