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StonerSteve64·ChronicStore·1758d474 reviews

Purple Punch by Little Farma - Chronicstore -November

Hahah yes I always like trying new MOMs :)

Chronicstore carrys various products none are their’s just re sellers. This Little Farma budder/crumble is very similar quality to Marijanedepot but I’d say Little Farma has a little more flavour.
StonerSteve64·ChronicStore·1762d474 reviews

Lime Distillate - Chronic Store - November

I asked from them to be packaged like that :)

Yes of course I got what I asked for 7g and it was for a ridiculous because of black friday. Was like 98 bucks total
Nevernothigh420·ChronicStore·2002d2 reviews

Chronic store

Chronic store

Overall rating: 8/10

Sign up: just make an account. Email and password no ID required

Ordering & Pricing: ordered a mixed ounce of shatter for $680. (Atomic, Big Bang, phyto, chronic concentrates are the brands)


Always awnsers bac...
maskoff666·ChronicStore·2176d13 reviews

Black Indica-$144 oz - chronicstore- oct-2017

This is my second time ordering this strain and both times I got 2 completely different looking strains. I really liked the first black Indica they gave me but this one is really decent too.
WeedSmeller585·ChronicStore·2186d32 reviews

Chronic Store Green Crack God 105/oz

Very leafy but still packed with crystals. Smell is good. Buds were bigger than the purple candy but still a decent amount of shake. Burn surprisingly well with white ash. Well worth the price.
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