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July 9, 2020


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maskoff666·Harmonized Hemp·871d13 reviews
Unfortunately I bought 7 oz of this bunk weed. I emailed them before i bought it and asked what kind of quality they rated it as and they said that it was good for the price and they rated it AAA. So I paid 700$ for 7oz and ended up with this AA- garbage, it is definitely not the AAA they told me it...
maskoff666·JJMeds·1788d13 reviews
For the price I can’t complain
maskoff666·AtlanticGreenRush·1837d13 reviews
I haven’t had the chance to try it yet. But I’m really enjoying the blue dream I got from them.
maskoff666·Supreme Canna·1850d13 reviews
maskoff666·Supreme Canna·1851d13 reviews
It’s smokes real nice. I really regret not buying more
maskoff666·Supreme Canna·1858d13 reviews
Im not a fan of this Oz mainly because it was all basically crumbs, definitely better options out there at this price range.
maskoff666·ChronicStore·1867d13 reviews
This is my second time ordering this strain and both times I got 2 completely different looking strains. I really liked the first black Indica they gave me but this one is really decent too.
maskoff666·GrassChief·1871d13 reviews
The customer service these guys provide is top notch. I ordered Wednesday and had my package on the eastcoast by Friday. They were very helpful answering my questions and that really helps when making decisions. The strain it’s self looks real nice and smells like lemons to me. I haven’t smoked ...
i think the picture might make it look a little better then it does in real life, but it dont look bad at all for the price.
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