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Limited run and speciality craft flowers from growers around Nelson, BC.
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nevertoomany·KootenayCraft·467d65 reviews

LSO Sophie's Breath - Kootenay Craft - June 2021

It had been a while since i ordered off KC, very happy to be back! Great daytime smoke. The large bud in the pic is 4.5 gr and as usual came in a nice little jar with Boveda. Nose is a bit muted but a very pleasant earthy, sweet smell. Moisture, burn, flavor etc all on point. Highly recommend!<...
416strains·KootenayCraft·476d269 reviews

Grease Monkey - Kootenay Craft - May 2021

Arriving slightly dry as resinous large nugs with tidy trim, this Grease Monkey (Cookies and Cream x GG4) has a sweetly sour, earthy freshness in the jar, becoming gassier when ground. This indica-leaning hybrid begins as a woody, gassy sweetness that becomes stingingly pungent before transitioning ...

Holy Water - Kootenay Craft - June 2021

This is a middle-of-the-road offering from KC in their ”Top Shelf” category. Looks like it's sold out now.

This is great looking bud. Nice chunky nugs (the one pictured is 3.10g and isn't the largest in the ounce). Super fresh and squishy, and covered in trichomes. The smell ...
416strains·KootenayCraft·488d269 reviews

Do-Si-Dos - Kootenay Craft - May 2021 (Preview)

First observation is that these are likely two diff phenos? They smell pretty similar, but this will be written from trying the less-impressive and leafier green nug. Some visible spider mite damage can be seen in both nugs, with a corresponding deduction in the scoring

Do-Si-Dos (OGKB GS...

Chocolate Fondue - Kootenay Craft - May 2021

For $180, this is pretty perfect.

Looks fantastic, smells nice and earthy/musty. Taste is about as expected with a chocolatey-earthy flavour. Nugs are medium to largish; the one pictured was 3.79g. Still fresh ans squishy, no crumbliness at all.

High is sedating for a sativa-...
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