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Limited run and speciality craft flowers from growers around Nelson, BC.
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Moodisok·KootenayCraft·406d3 reviews

Jager from Kootenay craft (august 2021)

nevertoomany·KootenayCraft·437d65 reviews

Dosi Cake - Kootenay Craft - July 2021

nevertoomany·KootenayCraft·437d65 reviews

Ninja Fruit - Kootenay Craft - July 2021

nevertoomany·KootenayCraft·437d65 reviews

Sunset Sherbert - Kootenay Craft - July 2021

Really liking the KC LSO selection these days and this one is no exception. Dense, sticky, fat oil ring on the burn, gassy and flavorful. One of my faves from them
nevertoomany·KootenayCraft·437d65 reviews

Amethyst - Kootenay Craft - July 2021

Gorgeous buds here with this Amethsyt from KC, most of the 7 is that big bud. Bright purps, oranges and greens but primarily on the purple side. Fluffy and borderline too dry but still very nice. Smokes really nicely and flavor comes through. Never tried the strain before but would grab again fo...
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