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Limited run and speciality craft flowers from growers around Nelson, BC.
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nevertoomany·KootenayCraft·332d65 reviews

LSO White Sumo - Kootenay Craft - Oct 2021

This one is killer. Beautiful buds, just the right moisture and texture. Pungent citrus-y cheesy nose. Potent. Tastes just like it smells. AAAA all the way here, nothing bad to say!
nevertoomany·KootenayCraft·340d65 reviews

Pure Michigan 2.0 - Kootenay Craft - Oct 2021

nevertoomany·KootenayCraft·342d65 reviews

Chocolate Fondue - Kootenay Craft - Oct 2021

This is from their ”Canadian Select” line which is basically budget weed...it's actually quite nice! Fruity spicy nose that reminds me of Strawberry Jerry I get from HSP. Nice daytime smoke, definitely more on the uplifting cerebral side of things. Burns nice and clean. Not the most pote...
hit4party·KootenayCraft·362d34 reviews

Cherry Creampie (by SacredCutSeedCo)- TheNetworkCannabis - October

These guys popped outta no where and added me on IG- turns out they’re a local service, so delivery was free but they do postal. So if you’re looking for SacredCutSeedCo by the Q, here’s the place for you!

Anyways weed review:

God damn this smells like cherry pie! Like, ...

Kootenay Craft - Tropicanna Cookies - August

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