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Limited run and speciality craft flowers from growers around Nelson, BC.
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9delta9·KootenayCraft·443d14 reviews

9 Lbs Hammer - Kootenay Craft - July'21

Picked up the Hammer during KC's ridiculously good 50% off sale recently. Solid indica leaning hybrid that does hit you behind the eyes. I use this one at nights and stick to sativas during the day. My quarter came as smalls, which was fine given the hot deal. KC's shipping and packagin...
expressway420·KootenayCraft·445d63 reviews

9 lb Hammer + LSO Mint Choc Chip - Kootenay Craft - July 2021

I woke up to an email from KC saying they were having a 50% off blowout, along with their 20% off for 4 quarters that was 70% off so it was a no brainer to place an order and as usual, KC brings some TASTY and Potent flower.

When I opened the 9 lb Hammer I was delighted to see a massive (...
416strains·KootenayCraft·450d269 reviews

Tropicanna Cookies - Kootenay Craft - June 2021

Arriving slightly dry as strikingly purple large nugs with some signs of handling, these Tropicanna Cookies (GSC x Tangie) have an enticing aroma of sweet oranges over woody, vanilla kush in the jar. This sativa-dominant hybrid begins as woody, citrusy sweet gas, moving past some grainy, peppery mom...
nevertoomany·KootenayCraft·466d65 reviews

LA Kush Cake - Kootenay Craft - June 2021

nevertoomany·KootenayCraft·466d65 reviews

9lb Hammer - Kootenay Craft - June 2021

The most recent review on their site is negative but this batch looks fire for $180/oz
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