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We aim to offer high-quality goods, support and service at probably the lowest rates you'll find online. Prices are kept simple and varied by grade. We offer 25% for first-time customers. Our Review and Earn program pays 5-20$ for reviews.
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bos420·LocalHerb·546d518 reviews

Skywalker OG * Local Herb * February

Strain - Skywalker OG (Skywalker x OG Kush)

Mom - Local Herb

Smell - unmasking this stuff, you are immediatly introduced with a waft of terpenes. this strain sports an aroma that consists of a pungent kush gas with sweet and sour herbal scents

Smoke - the smell was ...
bos420·LocalHerb·547d518 reviews

Gas Mask * Local Herb * February

Strain - Gas Mask (Cherry Pie x Fire Alien Kush F2)

Mom - Local Herb

Smell - as soon as I tore open the mylar, my nose was instantly greeted by a pungent gassy diesel along with mashed up cherry hints. Very unique pairing of terpenes but they definitely work quite well together...
bos420·LocalHerb·548d518 reviews

Sour Breath * Local Herb * February

Strain - Sour Breath (Lamb's Bread x Sour Diesel)

Mom - Local Herb

Smell - instantly I was able to take note of this stuff as soon as I started to peel the mylar open. The terpenes emitting from this strain consist of deep pine, pungent sour citrus, and a dank diesel with ...
Stonerscotian1·LocalHerb·548d88 reviews

Death Pink - - February 2021

This beautiful flower has a perfect cure and a decent manicure with only a few bits of leaf insight. Has a darker green appearance with a nice frosting on trichomes. Has a near rock hard density. The aroma is of a dank floral death earthy smell.

Upon smoking I tasted a nice death pink ea...
Stonerscotian·LocalHerb·549d355 reviews

Pineapple Express - - February 2021

Upon opening my jar I received a nice smell of sweet citrusy earth. These buds are trimmed alright with only a few leafs insight. Cured to absolute perfection. Buds are on the smaller size with a meaty dense structure.

When smoked I received a sour citrus taste. The burn on my joint w...
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