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Cheap flower, we are local growers so have a great competitive advantage on flower pricing.
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deadmoney·MaryJaneDispatch·1548d87 reviews

Jack Herer Shatter by Uptown Extracts / from Mary Jane Dispatch

Honestly it was some of the best shatter I’ve had in a long time. Clean, flavourful and potent.
riley7562·MaryJaneDispatch·1600d7 reviews

Wedding cake - Mary Jane dispatch - late July

Only 535 for the qp
MyMomsPics·MaryJaneDispatch·1607d49 reviews

Wedding Cake - MaryJaneDispatch Early-June 2019

sold out now I think.
deadmoney·MaryJaneDispatch·1608d19 reviews

Mary Jane Dispatch - July 2019 - Deadmoney Review


Overall rating out of 10: 9

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deadmoney·MaryJaneDispatch·1614d87 reviews

Black Domina - Mary Jane Dispatch - July 2019

Sweet pine / lemon smell with a creamy / woody taste. Good burn, white ash. Heavy body effects with a nice head buzz. Fantastic for the price.
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