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September 6, 2021


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deadmoney·GizmoCrafts·447d87 reviews
Visually appealing buds with nice coloration, displaying deep purples and greens highlighted with bright orange pistils. These medium / smaller buds were well trimmed with a solid covering of trichomes. A slight squish showed these flowers held a good humidity level.

A strong nose of die...
deadmoney·GizmoCrafts·452d87 reviews
Received this cart of Skittlez by Nu-Terps, who seem to be a new player in the concentrates game. The cart itself is of good quality and contains a beautiful light golden color oil which is super thick.

Very smooth pull which gives medium sized clouds, very easy on the throat and lungs e...
deadmoney·MonkeyBudz·457d87 reviews
Overall pretty satisified; Good humidity and cure, smooth smoke and pretty potent. Falls a little short with a light, sweet nose and light flavor.
deadmoney·BCMedichronic·499d87 reviews
Q: 8
V: 8

Amazing nose on this strawberry cream which is exactly like its namesake, Fresh Strawberries and cream. Great bag appeal with nice coloration of greens, purples and oranges powdered with a layer of trichomes. Not overly squishy but still holding good humidity. Smokability...
deadmoney·EliteCannabis·505d87 reviews
Q: 7.5
V: 8

Strong nose of Pine and sweet earth, with a hint of lemon and kush. Nothing fancy or exciting about the bag appeal, not helped by the sloppy trim. Busts up nice and sticky showing good internal humidity. Great flavor when smoked, again strong rich pine and sweet earth,...
deadmoney·GreenSociety·548d87 reviews
Q: 8.4
V: 8

Super dense, tight buds with a close trim. Fairly strong nose of tropical fruit and zest, with some definite banana notes. Not overly sticky but has some moisture internally when busted. Smokes well with a light salt and pepper ash and very smooth. Nice flavor which is ...
deadmoney·DNMN·586d87 reviews
Q: 9 V: 8

Super loud, very stinky. Gas with a strong Rockstar background. Very smooth, full bodied smoke and white ash. Strong flavour which mostly lies in the rockstar genetics. Hits pretty hard with full body relaxation and some good cerebral effects
deadmoney·DNMN·587d87 reviews
Q: 8
V: 9.5

420 special from DNMN with some $84 oz. Surprisingly good quality; nice skunky, gassy and nutty nose, great humidity and pretty sticky. Smokes well with nice flavor throughout. Very relaxing strain.
deadmoney·BlowOut420·718d87 reviews
Q: 8.5
V: 8

Great color variety and covering of trichomes give a nice bag appeal on these smaller medium sized buds. The nose is a mix of pine, earth and gas which all carry over nicely in the flavor. The buds themselves are pretty dense and hold some humidity internally. Smokes we...
deadmoney·BlowOut420·719d87 reviews
Q: 7.7
V: 7.5

Pretty solid medium buds with some greens and purples, sparse orange hairs and a frosty coating of trichomes. Fairly strong cheese nose with some hints of fuel and skunk.

Burns slow and even with an exceptionally smooth smoke. Flavor is not quite as strong ...
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