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Small batch craft flowers/Bubble hash rosin
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Molkor·NFCanna·999d51 reviews

Ice cream cake - NFcanna - start of December

Alright, grabbed 2 oz's of each for a mixed QP of this and the mac x pie face. I think this hits equally as hard and both are great indicas, with the mac x pie face maybe being a little bit heavier.

This one came in mostly medium and some smaller sized nugs, a great doughy / sweet pl...
Molkor·NFCanna·999d51 reviews

Mac x pie face - NFcanna - start of December?

Alright.. First off I know I'm late... BUT NFcanna is reposting another batch of this stuff and I figured it's pretty nice so I better review it for the new drop that's coming.. This stuff stanks... Like at first I get that dank kinda meaty spicy smell off it, but then a hint of sweetnes...
Molkor·NFCanna·1020d51 reviews

Plat Garlic Breath x Plat Kush Mints - NFcanna - early December

First thoughts on this when opening is that it looked real nice but smelled really muted. It was a sample in with some other stuff so to be expected with only a gram and a half of it there kinda. Was happy when I cracked the nug open and was met with what I almost think is a LIGHT kush smell.. it...
Molkor·NFCanna·1020d51 reviews

GB x HBOG x Deity live rosin - NFcanna - early December

Godbud 2.0 x Headbanger OG x Deity all cultivated and processed in house I do believe. I had to hold off on smoking this for a bit because I Had no proper rig.. tried it on the nectar collector but felt like I needed proper smoking device. All I can say is it's Potent and super smooth. The taste...
lee111u·NFCanna·1035d41 reviews


Smells like old school piney kush. Smells and tastes similar. Wasn't all show no go as I had been afraid of. Really is very white. Sorry for my shitty photos. Q:9.5 V:8.5 I seen other posts and had to try the real deal for myself. Thx greasegodz (the plug).
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