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Cryptogrizzly23·Pink Joint·494d2 reviews

Violator-Pink joint shop-April 2021

Stonerscotian1·Pink Joint·583d88 reviews

Chem dog - Pink Joint Shop - January 2021

Coming in a slick looking plastic screw top container. These gorgeous buds are pretty dense with a nice spongeyness to them. The color is of a vibrant olive green with a noticeable caking of trichomes. Buds are manicured well and the cure is decent. Upon cracking open the container I was greeted wit...
Stonerscotian·Pink Joint·585d358 reviews

Do-Si-Dos - Pink Joint Shop - January 2021

These beautiful pale green flowers are nicely caked in trichomes. Bud size is of small to medium sized buds with a slight spongeyness to the medium sized ones and the small ones being more semi dense. The cure is proper and the trim job is near perfect. A mouth watering sweet minty citrusy aroma adm...
Electronifyy·Pink Joint·606d124 reviews

Death Bubba - Pink Joint Shop // Dec 2020

Near identical in appearance to previous batches, this expression of Death Bubba rings familiar bells with a dense and stout bud structure dominated by forest green hues broken apart only with the occasional mocha pistils. Mute...
electronifyy·Pink Joint·606d23 reviews

Violator + Death Bubba - Pink Joint Shop // Dec 2020

While rated a modest AA+, this batch of
Violator outshined it’s peers in nearly every respect. Dense buds generously coated in visibly thick trichomes that dance under sunlight give this flower a visual appearance well above average for it’s category. Fall...
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