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Our specialty will be the highest quality quads you can come accross. Nothing is ever short we always over weigh. Orders placed before 9am PST will be sent same day.
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38thirtyeight38·Rayken·874d345 reviews

Nuken from Rayken may 12th 2020

[ ] Nuken AAAA+ $140/OZ

Bag appeal = nice tight dense nug that was trimmed perfectly and are nice and sticky. There is loads of trichome covering the outside of these buds but, when cracking open a nug, it’s just filled with frosty white trichomes covering every nook and cranny. Caked!...
pita1984·Rayken·877d163 reviews

Citrique - Rayken - May 2020

Last sample I got with my order. This wasn’t very nice as much as it’s clean trimmed and nice green color it’s just very light and feels closer to dubs trimmed up very well. It has a citrus smell to it that’s actually pretty strong. Not bad quality just not up to par with the other ones I’...
pita1984·Rayken·877d163 reviews

Rockstar - Rayken - May 2020

Sample came with my order today! Always love me some unexpected extras! It really does make the overall experience worth sharing. These buds were small but very dense showing slight pistals filled with compact trichome coverage.

Bag appeal would be really nice if I had bigger buds to reall...
pita1984·Rayken·877d163 reviews

Blueberry _ Rayken Co _ May 2020

This is a sample of blueberry I got with my lb of Purple Kush.

It’s very nice overall quality and bag appeal.
Strong kush earthy smell that’s quite nice.
Lots of fresh color and is cured very nicely. Clean trim with a well visible trichome coverage.

This is exactly w...
pita1984·Rayken·877d163 reviews

Purple Kush - Rayken - May 2020

Rayken had this in stock as a budget lb option for $1300lb.

It’s slightly fluffy and I’d rate them as aaa- and that’s exactly what there rated on the site. It’s funny because I just had to check after rating it myself and it’s spot on lol. Very nice coloring and bag appeal. No b...
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