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Our specialty will be the highest quality quads you can come accross. Nothing is ever short we always over weigh. Orders placed before 9am PST will be sent same day.
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pita1984·Rayken·1250d163 reviews

Pink Kush - Rayken - April 2020

New Mom

Rayken dot CO

Listed as AAA on the site.

Value - 8/10 $140oz Quality 7.5/10 Nice dense sticky buds. Strong kush earthy nose to it. Very nice bag appeal. Both the photos and the description are accurate on the site. Feel free to message me for more information.
pita1984·Rayken·1250d163 reviews

Crazy glue - Rayken - April 2020

New mom! Raken dot CO

Listed as AAA on the site.

VALUE - 7/10 $140oz QUALITY - 7/10 AAA
Matches the photo and description on the site.

Message me for more details!
mmdesolate99·Rayken·1257d6 reviews | Afghani/Black Diamond/Cherry Pie/Death Bubba/Pink Death/Super Skunk | 2020-04-21

MOM Name:

Communication: They messaged me here on the forums, I gave my info and they sent the free samples.

Products / Photos: Good products for the price.

Incentive for Review: Provided samples for review, $50 in store credit

Notes: New MOM

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