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You are not logged in - click here to sign in! - July 2020 - Black Mamba BHO Shatter

Ordered 1g to sample with 1oz of Greasy Pink budget oz at 240. Gram was 22 or oz for 399 so figured if was grabbing lowest cost option with Greasy Pink, thought I’d try highest end option at time was Black Mamba. 1g came out to just over 1.5 and nice stable chunk. flavor was as described all thoug...
masoman95·SimplyGanja·838d22 reviews

Greasy Pink BHO - SimplyGanja - May

Quality 6.9/10
Value 10/10

I mean for $250 shipped you get a full OZ of some fairly decent BHO. I like the natural look/smell and it is pretty stable.
Dabs alright no sizzle or burn smell/taste, not bad
pita1984·SimplyGanja·863d163 reviews

Pink Tuna Kush - Simply Ganja - April 2020

Value - AAA 10/10 by the lb I got this for under $1100lb

Quality - 7/10 - Small to medium sized buds with a nice clean trim. Nice humidity throughout. Not the strongest nose but it’s there. Grinds up nice and that’s Ware the smell starts to shine. Rolls up nicely since it’s slightly s...
pita1984·SimplyGanja·863d163 reviews

Alien Cookies - Simply Ganja April 2020

Value - 10/10 I payed less than $1100 a lb.

Quality - AAA 6.5/10 These smell amazing! Very strong skunk/Dezil that just burns the nostrils. Very sticky smelly buds. The entire half lb was stuck together nicely. Perfect humidity. For trips these fall short just because the buds are mostly sm...
wallbangu·SimplyGanja·878d326 reviews

King Louis VIII [] 15/03/2020

More bud shots

King louis VIII 230$/ OZ Value 8/10 quality 9/10
Only had a sample ***

Bag appeal : smelled soooo strong earthy piney, gassy, kind of OG smelling but super strong reallyy enjoyable, dark purple buds on the outside, but a flash pur...
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