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March 15, 2021


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masoman95·BlueMoonCannabis·570d22 reviews
Quality 8.5/10 Value 8.5/10

Taste good, like jello with gummy flavouring. I like that it’s RSO not just distillate like most others. I find the distillate high very one sided and plain. Full spectrum oils hit the body and are more beneficial medicinally as well. $9 for a pack, no...
Quality 9.5/10

Nose almost fills the room with each jar, very clean and tasty .

Value 10/10

Probably the cheapest place around for HVE single grams/ variety... on sale too Grabbed 1g Dolato Resin and 1g Congo FSE/Sauce, both greater than expected..

Thank you u/the-sauceman710
Quality 10/10
Value 9.5/10

Nuken smells just like the flower. You know this stuff is legit when each jar smells like a different grow room. So pure and terpy, some of the best FSE I’ve had just good quality.
Quality 10/10
Value 9.5/10

Can smoke this all day, very pure tasting and not harsh. Just the best
Like always the quality and unique plant flavour is just unbeatable. Pure FSE from seed to harvest, smells just like the plant and barely leaves residue on a swab.
Clean quality stuff

Value 9/10
Quality 10/10
masoman95·GanjaWest·875d22 reviews
Not the smoothest stuff... order the HTFSE and it barely smelt just really gooey and leaked into the lid. Has some big diamonds tho that’s about it.
Live resin is alright but I am sure they CRC most product, it’s all clear/light or orange looking.
Not bad for the price.. but not amazin...
masoman95·GanjaWest·875d22 reviews
Quality 8.5/10
Value 9.5/10
Tried the Mix n Match 28 Grams(4 Quarters)
First order discount all in was 474$ shipped.

Fairly smooth, not too much taste but enough. Light smoke with a good kick, very cerebral and behind the eyes type of high.
masoman95·SimplyGanja·887d22 reviews
Quality 6.9/10
Value 10/10

I mean for $250 shipped you get a full OZ of some fairly decent BHO. I like the natural look/smell and it is pretty stable.
Dabs alright no sizzle or burn smell/taste, not bad
Quality 10/10
Value 10/10

Great relaxing indica hybrid, very smooth vapour; with flavours of sweet dank/skunk, a bit earthy, strong vanilla undertones tie it together for a doughy/dank very sweet kush
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