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Black Diamond - The Canna Society - April 2020

This black diamond ended up being one of my favourites of the strains next to the love potion. Slightly leafy and bushy appearance, with purple toned buds that are actually pretty dense despite the look and sticky to the touch. Very caked as well and overall a decent bag appeal.

Classic bla...

Black Mamba - The Canna Society - April 2020

A few contradicting answers to the genes of this strain but the canna society has it listed as a cross of Grand Daddy Purple and Black Domina. This sample was on the drier side and could use some humidity pack love. Not to the point of crumbling but still broke up easily without a grinder. Dark gree...
6ixchronic·TheCannaSociety·953d114 reviews

Rock Tuna - The Canna Society - April

Was kindly offered a sample pack by Mark from the Canna Society. The rating is reflective of the price listed on site ($140/oz)
Quality 7
Value 6.5

Dense 1.3g nug. Gassy, kushy, skunky aroma and flavour. Flavour pretty generic but smoke is heavy. Salt and pepper ash with some slight...

Love Potion - The Canna Society - April 2020

This one certainly fits the bill of the love potion appearance with it’s vibrant and bright green profile. Dense and perfectly trimmed with plenty of peach orange hairs that are overlapped by a thick coating of milky trichs. Slightly crispy on the exterior but quite sticky on the inside and still ...

Purple Candy - The Canna Society - April 2020

A cross of Sweet Tooth and Mendocino Purples, this Purple Candy arrived on the sticky side with a decent amount of crystals. Slightly fluffy on the outside but denser towards the core. Dark green with purple streaks with a trim that could use just a bit of plucking as there is some extra sugar leaf....
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