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January 8, 2022


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FunkY_BeE·NextNug·271d27 reviews
Shittiest hash ever bought... and they dare to call this ”Bubble Hash”...

What a shame, do not buy!!!
FunkY_BeE·TheCannaSociety·271d27 reviews
Been a while since I ordered there and still hitting it!

The DMC smell is intense pungent and gassy. I like the bud structure, mostly smalls and medium but dense! On the look the orange hairs are really popping out on the variety of greens an little purple buds. The buzz is great kept me ...
FunkY_BeE·CannaWholeSalers·405d27 reviews
Another BAD review for this MOM...

I just don't know where to start...

First of all its missing almost 20g (pretty big chop on a 112g order....)

Then there is the ”hay smell”, it doesn't smell anything like Moby Dick should...

And on top of it ...
FunkY_BeE·MMJExpress·752d27 reviews
Very intense Violator smell I love it!

Super nice bag appeal as you can see almost 0 bottom bag in the entire half, some leafs here and there but overall im satisfied!

Taste very good! piney, herbal, kushy... all at the same time specially on exhale... smokes very well and nice gre...
FunkY_BeE·TheCannaSociety·769d27 reviews
Nicely grown and cured buds, lots of crystals, well trimmed and dense

Taste is a little plain, i was looking for a bold grape taste that never came... don’t get me wrong it doesn’t taste bad or anything, just nothing special to it

The buzz is very satisfying, very heavy body bu...
FunkY_BeE·TheCannaSociety·769d27 reviews
Buds are caked and have nice purple colors

The smoke is very smooth, taste is good, kinda cake taste but not super powerful

It burns clean white ash and the buzz is very good super relaxing and makes you giggly

My only deception on this weed is the smell, super mute like I...
FunkY_BeE·Rayken·794d27 reviews
Great sativa strain there

Nice bright tight nugs

Smell is herbal and citrus, maybe a little pepper

Taste is herbal, little earthy on exhale

Buzz is lightheaded, feeling creative but not super energized
FunkY_BeE·BigBossFarms·804d27 reviews
This is insane quality... I dont even know where to start...

From packaging to the end of the joint this bud meets all my expectations and i honestly thought i’d never say that

I mean just look at it...can you get more beautiful colored weed?

Smell wise its gassy, punge...
FunkY_BeE·TFCannabis·811d27 reviews
It looks mean, it smells dank and yeah it hits hard!

Very nice dank, gassy and fruity smell!

The nug is rock hard super dense

Strong indica effect, couch lock and giggly... better at night time

240 per oz is pricey but thats not the kind of weed you find easily......
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