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Solar Syrup—TrueCraftCannabis—September2021

Gonna sip some of this tonight and review, anyone had this before? Any recommendations on how much to take? Thanks errrbody happy Friday!

Edit: forgot to say their customer service is great. One flavour I ordered was out of stock and they emailed me I think within half an hour to offer an...
lemieux6262·TrueCraftCannabis·624d205 reviews

Purple Candy- True Craft Cannabis- Nov 2020

Packaged well in a mylar bag that had enough air to protect the bud structure and making them appear untouched upon arrival. Buds themselves were medium sized with a near perfect trim and moderate density. The buds structure appeared wild with bright green backgrounds, winding rich orange pistils an...
lemieux6262·TrueCraftCannabis·624d205 reviews

Ice Cream Cake ?- True Craft Cannabis- Nov 2020

The name of the strain is fitting as the buds appeared completely ”caked” with resin which gave the nugs a whitewashed appearance. Bright and dark green backgrounds had to fight to be seen beneath the thick frosty coating. Some well placed dark purple sugarleaves helped provide contrast to the w...
lemieux6262·TrueCraftCannabis·645d205 reviews

Grapefruit Cookies- True Craft Cannabis- Oct 2020

Tight olive shaped buds presented with a sugared exterior atop a light green background and long winding rusty orange pistils. There was also some dark green fringing on black sugar leaves that were again coated in a large amount of visible trichomes. On closer inspection there were numerous densely...

Ice Cream Cake - TrueCraftCannabis - October 2020

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