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dchan604·WestCoastCannabis·1445d7 reviews

OG Shark - West Coast Cannabis - End of November

OG White Shark sorry Didn’t know they also had OG SHARK
dchan604·WestCoastCannabis·1445d7 reviews

Bubba Kush - West Coast Cannabis - December 2018

For the price I can’t complain. Decent smoke
dchan604·WestCoastCannabis·1445d7 reviews

Black Diamond - West Coast Cannabis - December 2018

It was good. 8/10. Dense beautiful nugs. Clean smoke. I enjoyed it
dchan604·WestCoastCannabis·1445d7 reviews

OG Kush - West Coast Cannabis - December 2019

Pretty good, I wasn’t going to order this from them but seeing there was a review on their site that said this was one of the better OG Kush I decided to give them a try.. Clean smoke, heavy hitter. Smell and trim pretty nice and tight buds.
R.R.Toking·WestCoastCannabis·1449d8 reviews

West Coast Cannabis White Rhino popcorn buds

MoM:West Coast Cannabis

In my search for quality White Rhino I was tempted to buy durring their $99/oz deal recently. The deal was too hard to pass up and was reassured that I wouldn’t be disappointed. Well...I certainly wasn’t. Nice little aromatic light green frosty buds. This is not ...
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