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mix of caviar, budder and live resin - westcoast cannabis - april

Well this is a bit of a mixed bag. My second time ordering from Westcoast cannabis

To start off price was reasonable, 120 for 7 and I grabbed 2 more for a total of 150. This also is the pp to get free shipping.
I dislike the glass jars. They seal fine it is the lip edge. Hard to ...

Pink Gas from WestCoastcannabis April

Pink gas from WestCoastcannabis


Gas Mask AAA - West Coast Cannabis - February 2023

Nugs were caked and fairly decent freshness. I could have bought more but was trying this one out for the first time to see how it goes first.

Gas mask is quite pungent from bag to smoke. It has a diesel gas note and it's literally reek of fuel when I open the bag.


Miracle Alien Cookies - west coast cannabis - january 2023

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