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Strawberry Sweetness - West Coast Cannabis - October 2022

Small to medium sized nugs that can be quite varied. Some decent and some is a bit lower end.

I'm very positive that this is just Strawberry Kush renamed. Taste and smell fruity just exactly the same which I can't tell the different. Even the appearance have some similarity. <...

Lemon Pound Cake - West Coast Cannabis - October 2022

Medium to large sized nugs. Dense and chunky with beautiful orange hair to cover it.

It smell and taste sweet with perhaps a bit of citrusy undertone. I also taste a faint note of herb like peppery too.

Mostly used with a bong when I'm at home but I rolled one as join...

Gas Leak-OG Octane - Westcoast cannabis - Oct. 2022

White Gushers AAAA - West Coast Cannabis

Juicy Fruit - West Coast Cannabis

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