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Wide variety of strains and a huge list of edibles. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and we take pride in what we do. Free shipping Fridays on all flowers! no minimum
WCCWELCOME and WCCEDIBLES (Can be used together)
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Alaskan Thunder F^ck / WestCoastCannabis (WCC) / Mid-May 2020

Picked up an O from WCC after my regular MOM closed the doors unexpectedly.

Sign up and placing an order was a breeze. I scored a big discount with their Mothers Day promotion and really enjoyed this flower.

Not the strongest nose, but packs a punch and a delivers a clean sativa hi...

Super Nuken WCC 29 MAI

Sure wcc
dtmhtlmm·WestCoastCannabis·859d6 reviews

God's green crack/ West coast cannabis/ Late may

Just tried. And it’s spot on. Got that ggc high I was after.

So High Extracts Death bubba 1ml distillate cart- Wccannabis

Does anyone have any information or experience with these? Ordered it at west coast cannabis but I can’t seem to find any information on the company or product. I’m always skeptical since I bought a tainted cart in the past without knowing.

Blue dream wccannabis April 17

AAA! I was very happy.
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