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Jack Herer - West Coast Cannabis July 2020

Smells and smokes great, nice big fluffy buds. It’s definitely a day time smoke and doesn’t make you lazy or dumb high.
muggsy86·WestCoastCannabis·807d4 reviews

Pink Bubba - wccannabis - July 2020

Quality: 10 Value: 10

The taste on this pink bubba is outta this world. Sweet vanilla/gass and dank asf. The big beautiful buds are coated in crystal and are very potent. Grinds up easy and burns clean with a nice white ash a really nice strain for a relaxing evening or just before ...

Oz of papaya and extras, West coast cannabis, mid june

Probably first time I feel like I kind of robbed a mom. Ordered an Oz of papaya for $120 and it’s really nice and definitely worth the price.

Got an electric usb lighter for $10 but it’s too small so wouldn’t recommend. And a 3.5 of mendo breath kief which looks nice for $20 to get fr...
dtmhtlmm·WestCoastCannabis·851d6 reviews

Island skunk/ West coast cannabis/ Early june

Potency 9.5/10
Look 9/10
Smell 9/10
Taste 8/10

Overall a solid 9/10

Tom Ford PK / WestCoastCannabis (WCC) / Mid-May 2020

Another nug from the bottom of the bag but still a healthy coating of trichomes.

Tom Ford has been a favourite of mine for a few years now. WCC nailed the cure with this one - strong nose of diesel and something else I can’t place. Potent and sedating - a couch-lock strain in my books. ...
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