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Purple Gasoline AAAA / WCCannabis.co / Feb 18 2021

x_treme777·WestCoastCannabis·707d12 reviews

Durban Poison - West Coast Cannabis - October 2020

As I was looking for some real Sativa, i came up with this.

What a choice!!

First order on WCC!
Everything gone well.

I’ve received a 20 percent discount on the 1st order.

Delivery with express post was great. Took about 5 days to receive.


Super Nuken AAAA - West Coast Cannabis - September 2020

Strain - Super Nuken AAAA

Mom - West Coast Cannabis

Smell 10/10 - Potent! I have only tried Duke Nukem as a concentrate a few years ago and remember very vividly the taste and smell that accompanied it. I can not name this smell except to say it is 100% Nuken smell and taste and I ...

4 Star General - West Coast Cannabis - September 2020

Strain - 4 Star General AAAA

Mom - West Coast Cannabis

Smell 6/10 - Not much in the way of scents upon opening the bag. Stuck a few 8g boveda packs in and a few days later have a slight smell, smells good, just can not put my finger on it..

Smoke 9/10 - Tried first with He...

Blue Dream AAAA From West Coast Cannabis Review September 2020

Strain - Blue Dream AAAA

Mom - West Coast Cannabis

Smell 9.5/10 - Amazing smell when opening the bag. I am terrible with scents but definitely picked up citrus and pine and some others.

Smoke 9.5/10 - Tried first with Herbal Air Vaporizer at 365°f and was blasted by lemon...
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