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August 10, 2022


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Nice terps and have an ok high. Burned nicely but high did not last as long. I had to smoke a lot to get the same effects of other bubba. Not rough but not potent either.

3.5/5 Still relaxing
ActualAlternative·JJMeds·85d5 reviews
Nice fresh citrus smell when you open the bag. Had a lot of orange hairs on it.

Was very strong on mandarin taste. Not quite as sour as oranges. Small to medium size bud that is not too sticky.

4/5 I wonder why this wasn't graded. Good strain for hot summer
ActualAlternative·JJMeds·85d5 reviews
Tuna strains are pretty dense and this had a deep dank kush taste. I felt the nose burn from the spiciness as well.

Wonder who is rating these as quads. Flavour was not my favourite.

2.5/5 Not the best quality for what it was graded. Maybe would have been better if it wa...
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Dense buds that smell very light. Good strain for hiking. Took this one out to the island for the weekend and it was great. I brought an 1/8 and it was enough for me for the entire trip. Didn't give me couch lock or zone me out but I felt the focus coming in waves
I thought it’s a bit dry when it arrived however the Boveda pack that I bought along really come in handy. While I didn’t buy a big bag I’m quite surprised at the side of my buds and they are nicely trimmed as well.

This stuff smell woody followed by a skunky aroma that’s common ...
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