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October 1, 2022


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One of my favourite strains back in the day. This one is not my favourite particularly but it is still smokable. The strawberry cough i remember came in small tight nugs that were packed with yellow bright trichomes. This one was a little lacking in the trichome department but it makes up for it in ...
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·5d11 reviews
I get the freshness part of the strain that smells like berries and citrus fruit. This bud was ok. This smoked and ashed great for a AAA. I would totally look into different growers for this strain since it seemed to resonate with my body and play all the right notes. Not too harsh but heavy on my l...
LicketySplitBud·KronicKush·30d11 reviews
** Trainwreck BUDGET Review **

The lower quality bud I purchased for this order. I wanted to buy something really nice, and this tie me over as a bed time strain. I just wanted something to knock me out. I didn't need for it to be super high quality.

Mostly small size b...
LicketySplitBud·KronicKush·30d11 reviews
** Slurricane AAAA+ Review **

The most expensive flower they had and I've ever bought in my life. I saved from my other ounce to purchase one big mega ounce.

Medium-large size buds throughout the bad. Most of them were dense af and covered in trichomes. These are nugs ...
LicketySplitBud·Cannabismo·57d11 reviews
** Purple Pineberry **

1st pick strain from this order. This was the best out of the two. Nice pineberry citrus smell and taste.

Medium-large size buds that was not overly dense and bag was covered in trichomes. Very good for the price and was surprised this was the qualit...
LicketySplitBud·Cannabismo·57d11 reviews
** Lemon Bust Review **

2nd strain from this order. This was not as good but had an extreme citrus lemon taste. Very good if you like haze strains.

Mostly medium size buds that were dense and covered in trichomes. The lemon scent was really strong and had a very good hazy ...
LicketySplitBud·KronicKush·316d11 reviews
Really amazing indica strain. Has a really great fruity and sweet smell with a gassy hint. Crazy potent as well, I'm guessing upwards of 25% THC.
** Gas Cookie smalls Review **

Got a little $99 smalls bag special here, love me some bargain hunting. Actually a couple bigger nugs in there too as you can see in the photo. That's a nice bonus I guess.

Terp profile reminds me a bit of Gelato, but more gassy (big surprise)...
LicketySplitBud·Cannabismo·565d11 reviews
** Cali OG Review **

2nd strain from my last order here. Another sale item, and this one is a bit closer to what I expected for the price. Good weed, but not exquisite or mind blowing.

Few medium-large buds, but mostly smaller lil nugs. No shake/bob or anything though, no compl...
LicketySplitBud·Cannabismo·568d11 reviews
** Cheese Quake Review **

What's up folks, order arrived today and it's looking mighty fine.

Whole buncha medium sized buds throughout the bag, very good visual appeal and wonderful nose punch when opening the bag. Smell is very mixed, some blend of sourness (bordering ...
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