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September 5, 2023


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LicketySplitBud·KronicKush·259d24 reviews
It looks great in dark purple but some of them can be a bit fluffy and airy inside. The smoke was really good though and it was very tasty like sour fruit when you inhale and a sharp spiciness when you exhale. The earthy aroma will stick around the room for a while I didn't realize it at first s...
LicketySplitBud·KronicKush·259d24 reviews
Light olive green nugs with a decent size and carry a good smell with it. It's like a strong pungent intertwined with floral citrus to create a good feeling kind of aroma. I feel quite heavy after smoking but the couchlock didn't last long. It's like a short-term numbness in your legs....
LicketySplitBud·Cannabismo·354d24 reviews
Dark green nugs covered with purple hues. Nugs size are mostly average however you could get some impressive ones in the bag that really stand out. Smooth smoke overall and it's quite similar to Girl Scout Cookie in however this one definitely has a stronger minty taste to it. It works wonders a...
LicketySplitBud·Cannabismo·356d24 reviews
Bright orange nugs with plenty of frost coverage. It's as if the colour mimic the strong citrus flavor on this one too. Nugs are dense but won't be too sticky I could grind them up easily without any issue. Once grinded up there's also a bit of diesel coming through as well. The buzz did...
LicketySplitBud·KronicKush·427d24 reviews
It's still quite fresh so this one carry plenty of terp and flavor but missing something. I like this one much more than the others strain that I bought along with this (Probably because the price is higher too). Covered by a decent amount of trichomes and carry a bit of rich purple deep inside ...
LicketySplitBud·KronicKush·428d24 reviews
Some kind of cross between Northern Light and Master Widow. Large nugs and packed really dense however they are got dry quickly after received so I had to smoke this one quickly. Didn't had the fruity taste or aroma like I have been told but rather a strong earthy and a bit of pine undertone lik...
LicketySplitBud·CannaBudPost·461d24 reviews
Small dense nugs and machine trimmed so it didn't get the normal fluffy appearance of Jack Herer. This strain if one of my favorite sativa all around and it's a joy to try this one. I would say the batch is fresh and okay overall and did get me a decent kick. I feel very hungry while stoned ...
LicketySplitBud·CannaBudPost·462d24 reviews
The buds can be a bit dry and start turning into orange so I had to left it in my jar for a while. Quite dusty overall and the nugs feel really pleasant with a bit of sweet on the nose. I found the taste got a bit of a peach undertone or some sort of others fruit that I can't tell. The high take...
LicketySplitBud·Cannabismo·530d24 reviews
Olive green nugs that are just slightly larger than average and it's really dusty too. It smells like a fruit mix bag and it's really pleasant to smoke. You can get a light nutty undertone with this one too. This one is said to be slight indica dominant but it feels more of a balanced hybrid...
LicketySplitBud·Cannabismo·531d24 reviews
This one is very distinctive for the purple color and VERY STRONG minty flavor. Average sized dense nugs and It is also quite sticky when I break them apart. When I take a puff it feels like chewing on fresh mint with a bit of pines notes. Potency hit the right spot for me and the effect feel really...
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