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dankshradder [] 22/07/2022

Similar story rated as AAAA Bigger sized bud There was some gassy notes somewhere in there but again felt like it was cured in a rush or with too much humidity. Smells like an old wet basement Nothing wrong there tho it was the nicest of the bunch But in those range 175$/oz it doesnt compete with w...
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·1d326 reviews

Colors of Space [] 20/07/2022

Medium sized buds a little rough on the outside But nicely coated inside didnt felt fresh but not too dry either.

Terps were nice lightly fruity with a floral side not my type i love heavy gas or desert type but smell pleasant Transfer nicely smooth smoke burns a little salt and pepper ...
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·90d3 reviews

Nebula Live Resin - Cannabudpost - May 2022

Got this Nebula live resin in a mix and match OZ on sale using the 420 code. I was definitely impressed, smells amazing, color is very natural and resinous, and the flavour through my rig was very dank, with a hint of sweet. Hit like a train, felt zoned right out as soon as I hit it lol. Would buy a...
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·188d11 reviews

Live resin shatter and distillate | cannabudpost | February 2022

Disclosure this is my first MOM purchase and first post. I apologize for any mistakes. I ordered this stuff only 2 days ago. The live resin is amazing ? but its also the first live resin ive ever tried as i just transfered over to concentrates from flower, so im sure theres better. Haven't tried...
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·193d4 reviews

MAC 1 - CannabudPost - January 2022

Bought this as part of an oz mix and match deal last month. In total, I only paid $112.50. Definitely AAAA quality and I rarely even enjoy buying expensive bud but this is definitely well worth it. A quarter consisted of just 4 large nugs with dense trichome coverage. While it's a balanced strai...
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