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February 17, 2024


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Modernbezoar·HerbApproach·154d12 reviews
Appearance: 7

Smell: 7.5

Taste: 8

Potency: 8

Overall: 8

The best thing about this is the taste/flavor it's very creamy it's like tasting on vanilla extracts. The potency wasn't too strong but pretty decent. Effects are rela...
Modernbezoar·GizmoCrafts·296d12 reviews
I have a feeling this is one of their older stock however nugs held together well with plenty of sticky resin. There are trichomes but don't expect every single nug to be full of them. Sour/fruit/citrus smell and the aroma is similar to that too. The high is alright but didn't last too long...
Modernbezoar·GizmoCrafts·297d12 reviews
Nugs are really solid just by appearance alone. Fresh and sticky with light green and orange hair. While it didn't set my brain up like a cup of coffee like how sativa usually works, it is quite refreshing to smoke nonetheless. The high is good and long-lasting for several hours. Solid buy overa...
Modernbezoar·KushStation·360d12 reviews
It's not the best type of popcorn I had but it isn't the worst either. Nugs can be a bit loose but the potency is decent. However for the price $70 it's too expensive it might just be better to risk buying AA elsewhere. Smell a bit pungent but not quite gassy like a full size rockstar. T...
Modernbezoar·HerbApproach·500d12 reviews
Really cakey buds. Wish I had bigger nugs since it's really beautiful with a heavy layer of orange and purple deep inside. When I dig into this one it feels really good since the trichomes just fall all over and stick to my finger. The banana smell can be very subtle and almost berry like. It...
Modernbezoar·HerbApproach·512d12 reviews
The ”normal” Rockstar that I got for my order is a bit more fluffy and less potency than the Rockstar diesel however it's hardly noticeable as it give me almost the same high anyway. Instead of the diesel smell this strain is just pungent overall and maybe a bit extra tangy. Also the nugs ha...
Modernbezoar·HerbApproach·512d12 reviews
Some nugs will be more purple while some will has more green in it that's probably due to the cross. It has a pungent smell and somewhat diesel taste that tend to linger for a bit. For the high it is solid and make for an excellent night time sesh. I can easily go to sleep after this one.
Modernbezoar·WTFCannabis·578d12 reviews
Not the best picture but I had to make a review before I smoked it all. This was a nice surprise for AA. I though it is going to be a rounding nug just like the one I received from another place last time. This strain was not overly caked but it hits all the marks of a good strain for me. I normally...
Modernbezoar·TheHerbCentre·689d12 reviews
Very decent kush. Very dense which makes me believe it is PGR but this is so packed with trichomes it doesn't matter. When you open up the nugs there's a dusting of kief that falls. This is probably some of the tightest mango kush i found. The smell is very tropical with notes of mango and l...
Modernbezoar·WTFCannabis·765d12 reviews
Good fruity smells that have really nice medium sized buds. This was the biggest bud out of the bad but most of the nugs were just slightly smaller than this. Wedding cakes are usually topped to the brim with that sweet kief icing. This is no exception. When you break open the buds, it releases the ...
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