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September 29, 2022


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Ok_Hearing5489·OnlyGas·6d21 reviews
(this review is not incentivized) I've never had the drink before , so I'm not sure what to compare this to, but it definitely tastes like the mimosas i was drinking over the last long weekend. nice sativa.

Medium nugs with some foxtailing and blue hues, decent head coverage throu...
Ok_Hearing5489·OnlyGas·8d21 reviews
(this review is not incentivized) getting the hang of the new macro cam, but still needs some work. All my ash pics from now on will be without flash, unless taken at night.

Very pretty nugs, lots of blues , purples and oranges. fat heads on this one, sticky with good cure. Every time i ...
Ok_Hearing5489·OnlyGas·11d21 reviews
(this review is not incentivized)
Apologies for my pictures not being as good as usual, I'm still trying to get used to a new phone camera with different settings. This stuff is pretty unique! i think its a nice smoke at 117/z

Long skinny spear shaped nugs, very grey/green and sp...
Ok_Hearing5489·OnlyGas·32d21 reviews
Didn't expect a lot paying 60/z for this, but i am pleasantly surprised! got it to mix with nicer strains but its totally enjoyable by itself.

light green and very sparkly, nice trich heads for such small buds. moisture and cure seems good, was actually pretty hard to roll into joints...
Ok_Hearing5489·OnlyGas·60d21 reviews
Picked this stuff up for 75/Z on clearance, i must say its probably the best 75$ zip I've ever gotten. Really impressive.

Frosted and mostly purple nugs, almost pink in some spots. Great cure , nice and sticky. I really like the smell, this one has more sweetness and nuttiness compare...
honestly really impressed with this stuff it ticks all the boxes, didn't expect it after the last 2 strains. Very much worth the tag about 160/z.

Great sized nugs , light green with quite a few amber trichomes and a lot of orange hairs. moisture is perfect IMO , very sticky on the fin...
this is a lot better than the garlic breath, still not fantastic but a bit more worth the 160 tag.

Pretty nugs lots of light green and purple with tons of heads. sticky and spongey with great moisture. This stuff is kind of weird, smell and flavor are different from any other funky charms...
Used to get from kootenay all the time so i figured id try again while they were having a summer sale. Got this as part of a 4 strain sampler for around 160, and while I'm not a fan of this one the others do seem pretty good for the tag.

light green nugs, decent amount of head coverag...
Ok_Hearing5489·OnlyGas·77d21 reviews
Little bit late on this one but i really am enjoying this stuff so i figured id post a review. I'm not usually a big fan of Indicas but I'm super impressed with this and even more so with the 100/Z price.

Large emerald green nugs with tons of yellow and amber trichomes. Dense , go...
Ok_Hearing5489·Hystar·85d21 reviews
I love Hystar's live resin and figured I'd try the flower. A lot of the outer trichomes were squished by tight Vac sealing so i couldn't get the greatest pictures but its actually very nice for the tag otherwise. i think i paid about 20 per quarter z on sale.

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